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I- Inside the Audition Room
I am the off-beat leading lady/ quirky best friend.
Sweet but witty,
Lovable but feisty,
With great musical ability,
And stellar comedic chops.
Finds the jokes
Hits the notes

II- inside the Rehearsal Room
Theater is a collaborative art.
I work hard with my fellow cast and creatives, 
To create and convey our story. 
I aim to work on projects that create a lasting impact on the audience,
Whether by making them laugh harder than they have in a while,
Or by encouraging them to expand their usual way of thinking,
Or, in an ideal world, both.
Tell some jokes
Move some folks

III- Outside the Rehearsal Room
My greatest passion outside theater is powerlifting.
Deadlift is my favorite lift, followed by bench and squat.
I placed third at the USPA VA State Championships in July!
When I’m not getting yolked, I’m whipping them.
I love to bake (and eat) delicious desserts.
I make a killer Chocolate Angel Pie and a gorgeous French Apple Tart,
Just to name a few ;)
Lift the bar
Eat the carbs

Thanks for stopping by my site!

- Jessica