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I- Inside the Audition Room
I am the grounded actor for high-stakes characters,

Finding the truth in the absurd, and vice versa.

Sweet but witty,
Lovable but feisty,
With great musical ability,
And stellar comedic chops.
Finds the jokes
Hits the notes

II- Inside the Rehearsal Room
Theater is a collaborative art.
I work hard with my fellow cast and creatives, 
To create and convey our story. 
I aim to work on projects that create a lasting impact on the audience,
Whether by making them laugh harder than they have in a while,
Or by encouraging them to expand their usual way of thinking,
Or, in an ideal world, both.
Tell some jokes
Move some folks

III- Outside the Rehearsal Room
My greatest passion outside theater is powerlifting.
Deadlift is my favorite lift, followed by bench and squat.
I placed third at the USPA VA State Championships in July!
When I’m not getting yolked, I’m whipping them.
I love to bake (and eat) delicious desserts.
I make a killer Chocolate Angel Pie and a gorgeous French Apple Tart,
Just to name a few ;)
Lift the bar
Eat the carbs

Thanks for stopping by my site!

- Jessica


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